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Dec 6, 2012 6:30pm EST
good up to almost two months. >> reporter: the syrian government claims it will not use chemical weapons. but president assad is feeling the pressure from opposition forces who have gained strength and are now moving on the capital, damascus. jeremy bowen, with our bbc partners, is there tonight and reports assad's forces are waging a fierce defense. >> throughout the day and after dark, when i'm speaking to you, there are quite steady explosions of shell fire, outgoing artillery fire, going into the suburbs around the center of the city, where i am. >> reporter: residents are caught in a worsening cross fire. >> people who came from areas that are being shelled, they are on the streets, many children, sometimes you see them crying, old people are sleeping on the ground. >> reporte but nothing is this horrific war has gotten the attention of u.s. officials more than this chemical weapons threat. >> these reports may mean that the united states and our allies are facing the prospect of an imminent use of weapons of mass destruction in syria. this may be the last warning we get. >>
Dec 5, 2012 6:30pm EST
government sounding the alarment tonight about something that affects millions of older americans. you may have seen commercials calling for a reverse mortgage. but tonight, abc news has learned there's growing concern and the government may be ready to take as. here's abc's senior national correspondent jim avila. >> it was -- this was our dream. >> reporter: the family home, dream and nest egg for wisconsin's linda and jim mcmahon. until it had to be sold out from under linda to pay back a reverse mortgage as soon as her husband died. >> i get a letter, sorry to hear about your husband passing away. buy the house or move out. >> reporter: reverse mortgages give homeowners an immediate cash payment in exchange for future equity. allowing them to stay in the house until death. but only people 62 and older quali qualify. linda was too young to be on the mortgage, so, when her older husband died, she lost everything. it's only one danger inherent in the reverse mortgage. >> hi, i'm fred thompson. >> hi, i'm henry winniklewinkle. >> reporter: critics say the commercials prey on vulne
Dec 4, 2012 5:30pm PST
65 to 67. that would help the government save almost $6 billion a year, according to one study, though it would also come at a cost. an average of $700 more in out-of-pocket costs for those seniors no longer eligible for medicare, not to mention additional health care costs for employers. and, diane, you talked about the political cold front here in washington, d.c. how frosty are things? well, house speaker john boehner did come to the white house last night for president obama's annual holiday party for members of congress, but he did not get in the receiving line to say hello to the president and get a picture taken with him as he has done in previous years and as dozens, if not hundreds, of members of congress did last night. diane? >> okay, jake tapper reporting from the white house tonight. >>> and now we head overseas. take a look at the size of this protest today in cairo, egypt, tahrir square, tens of thousands of protesters reeling from tear gas but determined to send a message to the world about their new duel over democracy, and here's abc's alex marquardt. >> repor
Nov 29, 2012 5:30pm PST
. government forbid the company from importing 30 drugs from some of its facilities in india, because of bad record-keeping. ranbaxy won't say where these pills are made. the fda says it can't comment on whether ranbaxy violated the rules. >> the company has real difficulties with quality control, not just in one of a or a couple of its facility, but in many facilities. >> reporter: even though this is the largest maker of generic lipitor, there are enough other manufacturers to make up for any shortages. david kerley, abc news, washington. >>> and now, we want to show a picture at the heart of a new and growing controversy in american schools. this is a padded room, a photo spreading from washington state to parents around the country. they are called isolation rooms and they're used to restrain some children, including autistic ones. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross brings us videotape, and we warn you, it's not always easy to watch. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows high school student andre mccollins, in the lower right of the screen, about to go through what h
Dec 3, 2012 5:30pm PST
to produce a male heir. and it's been nearly 100 years since government officials had to be present at a royal birth to ensure the baby was not an imposter. >> the duty of the wife of the future king is to provide an heir and hopefully a spare. >> reporter: but now it's time for the next generation. nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> and we wish them well, and thank you for watching. we're always here at "nightline" along later, and in this holiday season, we want to leave you with a festive postcard. this one from indianapolis, thanks to our affiliate rtv6. thank them for sending us all the sparkle of downtown indy as the city's famous circle of lights was switched on for the holidays. watch and be merry and good night, everyone. ♪ >>> there has been an arrest for the case of this autistic woman. >> aftermath of a triple weather whammy with another storm coming in. we're live at the scene of a sink hole. >> tonight how an unfinished flood control project prevented downtown disaster. how it works. >> in sacramento, new lawmakers were sworn in today, marking a dramat
Nov 30, 2012 5:30pm PST
. >> reporter: for these people, meeting with government officials thursday night, today's hurricane season statistics are not just numbers. so, this year was bad and there's every reason to believe that next year, the year after and the year after that could be bad? >> i think it's pretty safe to expect continued years of busy hurricane seasons. >> reporter: so, what's going on here? not only are we in a naturally-occurring active period for hurricanes, but then, there's also climate change, which makes the waters warmer, which can make the storms stronger. and just this week, a new study, saying climate change is also causing the polar ice sheets to melt three times faster than they were 20 years ago. look at this time lapse footage from the new documentary, "chasing ice." as this ice melts, it drives up water levels along the coasts, which makes hurricanes worse. >> it was coming in, rushing like a -- like a rapids. >> reporter: in sandy, it was that surging water, not the wind, that caused most of the death and destruction. just to put a fine point on this, the house was there. >
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)